Moving to live! by Marco Tessaro - Documentary 30min | ITA | 2015 | 16:9

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08 April 2016


The video productions of LifeTIB project has added a final contribution, built also with eye-catching images of wildlife, also suitable for teaching.

A video clip to enjoy the wildlife of the Insuria ecological corridor with pictures of Marco Tessaro, taken from the documentary "Moving to live!", with original music by Kristian Sensini.
This is the latest product available on-line on the project web site. Main characters are the wild animals living around us, in their curious attitudes.
The clip is suitable for students, willing the possibility to know the species framed, simply click on the small button CC, bottom right, to activate the scientific subtitles in Italian or English.

"Moving to live!" has exceeded 1,900 online views nowadays and entered into the official selection of some major international festivals:

- Wildlife Vaasa International Nature Film Festival 2016 (Finlandia);
- MAFF | Matsalu Nature Film Festival 2016 (Estonia);
- Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival 2016 (Malesia);
- Culture Unplugged Festival 2016 (India-USA);
- IFF Ekotopfilm - Envirofilm 2016 (Slovacchia);
- Wolves Independent International Film Awards 2016 (Lituania);
- Back to Nature Film Festival 2016 (USA – California);
- EFFA - Environmental Film Festival Albania 2016;
- Wild and Green Shorts 2016 (USA - Montana).

07 April 2016


Thanks to the partnership with “Green School” project

Green school logotipoA follow-up meeting on the key issues of LIFE TIB for the teachers involved in “Green School” project of the Province of Varese was held on Thursday April 7th in the Conference Hall of the Cloister of Voltorre.
This is a project created by Agenda 21 Lakes and CAST (a local no profit organization) which aims to support and promote local schools in achieving the excellence in terms of sustainability thanks to the reduction of their ecological footprint and promoting an environmental culture for students, families, institutions, and in general between the communities.
The meeting was held by experts of the Province of Varese - Environment department and Lipu and was focused in providing basic concepts, useful tools and examples with the aim of developing educational courses and practical actions to engage students. This training, part of the After-Life Communication plan, has been inspired by the workshops developed during the project.

05 April 2016


new application for Android and iOS ! is now available, It is an interactive guide for visiting the places where the concrete actions of LifeTIB are carried out.

Jeco Guides Thanks to the “Jeco Guide” App (click here for download) you can now reach and visit in an independent way trails on foot and by bicycle created during the project. It is a library of Augmented Reality guides dedicated to environmental and cultural heritage.
The application will display the GPS tracks and individual points of interest (works, gates, places of natural interest) with pictures and descriptions, as well as an introductory tab on the project describing its principles such as the “ecological connectivity” and explaining the reason why its protection is so important.
Contents can be downloaded for free for the first year of publication. They will then become available by paying a small fee of 0.89 Euro from 2017.
If you do not have the possibility of downloading and using this app, you can find the traces of the paths, and information on how to cover them can be downloaded here.

20 March 2016

Another 5 km of medium voltage lines have been protected against the risk of collision and electrocution of birds along the TIB ecological corridor.

Enel Less risks for the different birds species such as Grey Heron, Night Heron and Black Kite that normally populate the area between Lake Varese and Ticino Park. A Enel technical team has finished the plan of action against the risks of collision and electrocution of birds. The risks are caused by the possibility that birds can collide with suspended cables, or will not perch on the supports by closing circuits with wings and staying electrocuted. The 5 traits on which action was taken, identified during the project monitoring phase, are located in the area between Lake Varese and Lake Maggiore in the municipalities of Varese,
Casale Litta, Taino, Galliate Lombardo and Angera and have a total development of about five kilometers. As for the first intervention held in Mornago, we applied spirals which were chosen because they have the feature to issue a sound audible by birds, vibrating in the presence of even a slight breeze - explains Francesco Rondi Lombardia Manager of Enel Distribution - Therefore they are effective even at night or in poor visibility conditions. They are color cutlery alternating white and red at a distance of 10 meters from each other on alternating three-wire line. Furthermore, in the proximity of the supports, specific protections were applied to isolate the electrified parts that may be touched by the birds with different parts of the body ".

04 February 2016


The dissemination and exploitation work started during the TIB continues thanks to new projection moments of Video Documentary

Palude BrabbiaProject staff commitment to spread the themes of ecological connection and biodiversity protection to citizens is still on going. This task has already paid off for the past four years and is made even easier by the brilliant documentary "Moving to live!" thanks to beautiful images showing what has been achieved, narrated by the voice of the researchers who worked on the monitoring of the project.
There are many requests in place for municipal administrations and associations to organize video projection and debate sessions. The next schedules are:

- February 5
th at 9pm: Municipality of Sesto Calende, SALA Varalli
- May 11th, at 9pm: Arsago Seprio, Sala Concordia (exhibition "Di Terra e di Cielo" 2016);
- May 13
th at 9pm: City of Casciago, Public Library
- May 26th at 9pm, ore 21: Castronno, Sala Polivalente (exhibition "Di Terra e di Cielo" 2016).

In addition to that the documentary was shown on March 19
th at "Fa la cosa giusta!" Fair in Milan. A prestigious critical consumption exhibition which every year sees the participation of over 75,000 visitors.
On these events the audience will receive all the paperwork and brochures produced during the project as well as a copy of the DVD containing the documentary and video clips of deepening.

07 January 2016


The project was lead in two RAI programs.

Palude BrabbiaThe Life TIB project, whose impact is not only local but national, in the past two years was subject of two technical and science programs for the general public on the RAI networks.
His first appearance took place on December 14th, 2012 on RAI 3 TG Leonardo, a program focused on the study of science, technology and nature.
New emphasis to the project was also given by RAI 2 in February 2015 thanks to the show "Waiting for GEO", an introduction to "GEO & GEO" program which has seen by a total average of 1,176,000 viewers in the 2014-2015 season, equals to 8, 91% audience share.

01 December 2015


The two-day conference presenting the results of the Life TIB project summarized in a brief video.

Bringing back to life the atmosphere of the final phases of the LifeTIB project: this was the task entrusted to Marco Tessaro, who tried to capture the most interesting and unique moments from the events – discussed on this page’s other news items – that were held in Varese on 19 and 20 November 2015. This is a fun way to thank everyone who participated: organizers, volunteers, speakers, journalists and the audience. The clip can be viewed in the video GALLERY IT.

01 December 2014


The “LifeTIB - Un corridoio ecologico tra Pianura Padana e Alpi” book has now been published.

Thank to a painstaking editorial effort and the support of Fondazione Cariplo, the result of the four-year project have now been published in a 240-page book titled “LIFE TIB - Un corridoio ecologico tra Pianura Padana e Alpi”.
The volume includes a description of the works carried out and the results of the project, in addition to the target species and habitats found in the ecological corridor linking the Campo dei Fiori mountain range with the Ticino River valley.
The volume is lavishly illustrated with photographs by various authors. To download the book, click here IT.
  23 November 2015


All of the material produced by the LifeTIB project is available for download, along with the presentations delivered during the final conference.

These four years of work achieved important, concrete results, both in terms of actions and communications. From the outset, the LifeTIB project stressed the importance of preserving and restoring ecological network, reaching different target audience through a series of products: from video clips to the documentary "Move to live!", from the introductory flyer to the sticker album for children, from the bilingual brochure printed thanks to BirdLife’s support to the final layman’s report and the publication “Fare la biodiversità”, with simple and catchy graphics.
All of this material IT is now available in the Video Gallery and Download sections. Hard copies of the publications can be requested by writing to The Download section also makes available all of the presentations delivered by researchers and technicians during the project’s final conference.
23 November 2015


The final event of the LifeTIBB project, held in Varese consisted of two intense days, 19 and 20 November, and was well attended.

Over five hundred enthousiastic participants attended the final event of the Life Tib (Trans Insubria Bionet) project on 19 and 20 November in Varese, staged as part of the Glocal News journalism festival, according to a press release by the Province of Varese (lead partner), Lipu-BirdLife Italia, the Lombardy Region, and Fondazione Cariplo.
Thanks to a contribution by the European Union’s LIFE programme, in just five years the project managed to restore the ecological corridor linking Campo dei Fiori, north of Varese, with the Ticino River Park, in the heart of the Po Plain.
After years of fragmentation caused by infrastructure and urban development, the project has finally restored the ecological link between the Alps and the Apennines. Read the press release IT. Watch a video of the conference "Biodiversi-ché? Comunicare l'ambiente nell'era dell'iper-informazione" IT put together by Varese News.

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